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Gáldu wants to be integrated in the Norwegian National Human Rights Institution

Gáldu’s board of directors has formally resolved that Gáldu shall be integrated in Norway’s new Centre for Human Rights (NHRI). In the same resolution, Gáldu’s chair and director were granted the requisite mandates to continue the integration effort. 

The Norwegian Centre for Human Rights (NHRI) was established in 2015 and is directly subordinate to the Storting. Already prior to its establishment, Gáldu had indicated that, in the event a national centre for human rights was founded, it would consider whether Gáldu should also become part of the new NHRI. Gáldu’s board of directors has now made a formal decision on integration, and full integration is planned during the course of 2016.


Stronger position and expanded mandate

There has always been a clear belief on Gáldu’s part that its position would be strengthened by incorporation in a national institution, which is the reason why as early as 2013 Gáldu indicated that it desired to be included in this new institution.

“We view this as a natural step forward, a necessary measure to strengthen our effort to promote and monitor Sami human rights as part of NCHR’s responsibility”, says Ing-Lill Pavall, chair of  Gáldu .

Monitoring of Sami human rights has not previously been a part of Gáldu’s mandate.


Unaltered location

A condition included in the board resolution is that Gáldu would become a separate division of the NHRI and that Gáldu should remain located in Kautokeino:

“It is important to the Gáldu board that Gáldu, also as part of the NHRI, should remain located in Kautokeino. This is in order to maintain contact with the Sami community and thereby have the authority and trust of the Sami people”, Pavall explains, adding:


“The interests of our employees have also weighed heavily on the board in making this decision. It is important to hold on to the competencies in Sami language and culture that already exist within the organisation. Proximity to the community that the NHRI will be working with is also important to the Gáldu board.”


Final resolution by the Norwegian Storting

The NHRI board of directors will now consider the issue and continue working in consultation with the Storting’s Presidium. The practical aspects of integration are contingent on a positive and final resolution by the Storting, so it will take some time yet before the integration can be implemented. The NHRI is located in Oslo under the directorship of Petter Wille. He was appointed director in 2015. Read more about his appointment here:  

Gáldu congratulates Petter Wille (the article is in Norwegian language)


More information about Gáldu may be found here, and about NHRI here.

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